The BedJet will cool down your super hot bed

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If you can never seem to cool your jets, this invention is for you. BedJet 3 is an air-powered temperature regulator that pumps cool or hot air under your existing comforter for maximum comfort while snoozing. Basically it's a high-powered fan to use underneath your super hot comforter. And yes, it is quiet.

The remote or app-controlled machine works with any size bed. It has cooling and warming capabilities, and even dries your gross bed sweat. The cooling setting provides ventilation and moisture-wicking for hot sleepers, those with night sweats and people who experience hot flashes. The heating mode gives a “deep sauna-like warmth,” which the brand says is safer than an electric blanket.

Shop: BedJet 3 Single Zone Fan, $399

If you sleep with a partner who doesn’t share your specific temperature needs, BedJet also has a dual chamber sheet and comforter option that allows both of you to choose your perfect sleep temperature. While you can’t use existing bedding with this option, it may be worth it to have control over your own sleeping conditions.

Shop: BedJet Dual Zone Cloud Sheet, $139-$159

Shop: BedJet Dual Zone Cloud Comforter, $949 (Orig. $1349)

With 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, there are plenty of fans of the device you never knew you needed. With nearly 800 ratings, many comment on the machine’s ability to ease hot flashes and provide a sounder sleep without all that tossing and turning.

“Like most other people here, I was apprehensive about spending so much on a fan, but it has turned out to be worth it,” one reviewer writes. “I’ve never slept so well in the summer, even when I used to turn the A/C down and use several fans. I've been using this for two months now and have hardly ever woken up hot since.”

Another review writes, “A very good investment if you have temperature-related sleeping trouble. I don't think I could live without mine.” Well, there you have it. A certified life-saver.