Woman shares simple trick to get entire Chipotle meal for just $3.95

A woman named Sophia, who goes by "Sop" on TikTok, shared a clever way to snag a full meal at Chipotle for just $3.95, a little over half the typical $6.50 base price of a burrito bowl (and don't even get us started if you want to add guac).

In the video, which has since been viewed more than 3.4M times, Sophia reveals that the first step in her clever hack involves ordering a kids' cheese quesadilla.

Although the quesadilla itself is relatively small, it comes with three sides, of which Sophia chooses rice, beans and fajita vegetables.

"You can get a meat, but it does cost extra," she says in the clip.

Further down the line, she requests two different salsas, which she says are complementary but still need to be ordered after all three sides so the sauces themselves do not count as sides.

After showing her $3.95 receipt for proof of the bargain price, Sophia reveals her plate of food to viewers. At first, the quesadilla does look pretty bleak:

Credit: TikTok

However, to the delight of Chipotle fans everywhere, Sophia quickly transforms the sad cheese fold by stuffing it with all the sides she ordered, plus the salsas, producing a rather lovely and plump-looking veggie taco:

Credit: TikTok

To top it all off, the meal — which seems like it would make a perfect lunch or even just a hearty midday snack — comes with a fountain drink.

All that AND a bag of tortilla chips (which can be used for scooping up the remnants of your sides, as Sophia points out) for under $4? It sounds too good to be true ... so naturally, social media users don't believe it is.

A few individuals who either work at Chipotle or simply have impressive knowledge about the chain took to the comments section of Sophia's video to debate her alleged value meal.

"I work at Chipotle and we're charging for the extra sides since the kids quesadilla meal only comes with rice and beans," one woman claimed.

"Kids quesadilla is only suppose [sic] to have 2 sides," echoed another. "Get the kids tacos instead to get 2 tortillas and 3 sides instead."

On Chipotle's website, there seems to be two options on the kids' menu — the quesadilla and the "build your own" tacos, the latter costing mildly more at $4.75. It does appear that the $3.95 quesadilla option comes with just rice and beans, meaning ordering fajita vegetables, as Sophia did, would likely cost extra.

However, she later took to the comments to defend her menu hack, writing, "I don't work there but when I asked for three they didn't charge me extra and I've done it at multiple locations."

It seems like, depending on the location, the quesadilla hack might really work. And, if not, the taco meal for $0.80 more is a solid backup plan.