This $8 Amazon cream did more for my face eczema than 5 dermatologists could


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Eczema is one of the most frustrating skin conditions to deal with. As someone who has dealt with severe face eczema, I understand firsthand the complicated nature that comes with suffering from this very common condition.

People can experience eczema in totally different ways. Personally, I was prone to flare ups on my upper arms and around my eyes. I sought out multiple dermatologists in New York City, and each one prescribed me a medicated steroid ointment or Elidel Topical, which was the most popular medication doctors recommended. I was told to use it twice daily, but after several months I saw little to no improvement.

At one point it got so bad, I had to take weeks of school off during my junior year of college. My skin had become so delicate and dry that it literally looked like I had two massive black eyes. And, unfortunately, makeup was not an option, because everyone knows wearing concealer or foundation over dry, flakey skin is a huge no-no.

The burning sensation was unbearable and I was convinced that this had to be more than just eczema. Eventually the fifth dermatologist I visited urged me to take an allergy patch test to see if my skin was reacting poorly to something else. 48 hours later and the results came back completely negative for all 40 substances they tested.

The skin around my eyes really began to affect my confidence and it started to take an emotional toll on me. Of course, eczema is extremely common, but I was dealing with it right in the center of my face and there was no way to hide it. This had been going on for two years and nothing was working.

When I went home for the holidays, my mom had wiped out the eczema aisle at CVS and there were about six different products sitting on the kitchen table. I had already tried Cerave, Eucerin and all of the other well-known drugstore products. However, there was one brand I didn't recognize: MG217.

I hopelessly started to use MG217's Eczema Face Moisturizing Cream at least twice a day and I kid you not, within three weeks, the brutal dry flakey skin I had been dealing with for years had totally vanished. It was almost hard to believe as I had gotten so used to it at this point.

MG217 is formulated with 2 percent Colloidal Oatmeal, glycyrrhizic acid and allantoin to help treat flare-ups. It's also been awarded by the National Eczema Association (who knew there was such a thing?). To this day, I'm still not 100 percent sure why this worked for me when other heavily medicated creams did not. It really was magic.

Years later, my face eczema has been totally cured, but I still use the MG217 cream weekly to prevent flare-ups. After a co-worker shared with me that she had also been suffering from harsh dry skin around her nose, I suggested that she try the cream and within days it was totally healed.

"I was dealing with a rash around my nose last winter after a prolonged cold and this cream not only healed it in a matter of days but it didn't burn at all like other creams I'd tried -- it totally soothed it," she told me.

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And don't just take it from me. It turns out that other Amazon shoppers have had the same miracle experience I've had with this cream.

One shopper said, "This has been a miracle cream for my daughter and husband! My husband's eczema has never been this mild, in over a decade! And you can see serious overnight improvement for my daughter's flareups!"

"I have really bad eczema on my face. On bad days it would hurt to talk and smile. My chin and eyelids were super dry, itchy and painful. My face would flake like crazy it was as my face had dandruff! This lotion has saved me, I apply it as soon as I walked out the shower. It not greasy, it's perfect. I hope they never stop making it because this is magic," another revealed.