Aloette's Restorative Enzyme Peel exfoliates your face with your balled-up dead skin


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If you like grossly satisfying beauty products, this “zombie mask” was tailor-made for you. Aloette’s Restorative Enzyme Peel makes your skin incredibly smooth — by exfoliating your face with your balled-up dead skin. It’s weird. It’s oddly enjoyable. And, most importantly, it’s wildly effective.

Aloette’s Restorative Enzyme Peel isn’t actually marketed as a “zombie mask.” It’s what I have lovingly nicknamed the product due to it’s goopy, green appearance and dead skin collection properties. As someone who hates face masks, this face mask has been my consistent favorite skincare product for almost a year – undead qualities and all.

Shop: Aloette Restorative Enzyme Peel, $60

The product looks exactly like that green hair gel everyone used in the '90s, with the same consistency and same unsettling color. But once you apply it to your face, wait a few seconds, and begin rubbing it in, some disgusting magic starts to happen. The product quickly sloughs off your dead skin, and the rubbing motion balls up the skin into tiny beads. Suddenly, you are exfoliating your face with your own dead skin. And it's awesome.

Aside from the appeal of the mask's zombie-like qualities, it is actually unbelievably effective. The mask, which is made with soothing aloe and natural fruit extracts, leaves your skin incredibly smooth and glowing. It's the same feeling your skin has after a long (and expensive) facial. The only difference: The product costs a fraction of the price of an in-office treatment.

The Aloette Restorative Enzyme Peel retails for $60 and will give you countless uses. While the majority of people use the product as recommended on the face, others have tried the product on dry feet and dry legs with rave results.

“This is far and away the best exfoliator, and I would not want to be without it,” one reviewer writes. “It's gentle but highly effective…In a few minutes, it enables me to take five years or more off the texture of my skin…It leaves the texture of my skin as smooth as a baby's butt and brightens my complexion since it's no longer being viewed through that cruddy dead skin. Each week, I am amazed at how much dead skin comes off.”

Being undead has never looked so good.