Vera Bradley's new eco-friendly collection is a 'game changer'


Vera Bradley, the iconic brand known for its unique patterns and vibrant colors, is joining the sustainable fashion movement.

The popular fashion brand recently revealed its new ReActive Collection, a line of luggage, bags and accessories designed to make a lighter impact on the planet -- and inspire customers to make more eco-friendly choices. According to the company, each yard of fabric is made from 16 recycled PET bottles. And by this summer, the company will save a predicted 2.7 million bottles from ending up in a landfill.

"This felt like a great opportunity to make a big impact for our customers but also ourselves as a brand. To meet her [the consumer] where she is and what she cares about," Beatrice Mac Cabe, Chief Creative Officer of Vera Bradley, told AOL's Tatiana Pile. "It’s really game-changing for us. It’s our first step into sustainability and even internally in our company and organization, it’s really uplifted every one of our associates. It’s given us really positive, uplifting look at the change we can make," she added.

Take a look at the eco-friendly collection in the slideshow below:

The ReActive collection officially launched on January 16 and features three new patterns and six styles. From the trendy new backpacks to the on-the-go gym bags and travel duffels, the new collection items stay true to Vera Bradley's trademark look while also breathing a bit of new life into the brand.

"[The items] contour to women’s needs in terms of shoulder straps, height, chest compression straps, etc," Mac Cabe said of the new line. "I think it’s going to make a lot of lives much easier," she continued.

ReActive collection is available online and in stores nationwide. Additional styles, as well as spring and summer patterns, will be introduced in February and March.