5 items you can find on Amazon for a dollar or less that are actually useful


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In today's world, a dollar won't get you very far. Maybe one song on iTunes or travel-sized toothpaste -- if that.

However, thanks to Amazon, we've discovered a slew of totally useful items for less than buck that won't end up filling your junk drawer. From ways to lead a more sustainable life to organization hacks, these five items won't make you feel F.O.M.O. for not living near a dollar store.

The following items normally cost upwards of $20 at your local drug store, but we took the liberty of searching Amazon for the best price possible. After all, us millennials are familiar with shopping online from "low to high."

Shop: Bag Holder Hanging Dispenser, $0.96

Reduce single-use plastic by storing all of your repurposed grocery bags neatly. These hanging dispensers are not only space savers, but they easily allow you to access grocery bags the next time you are scouring around the cabinets.

Shop: 3D Sleeping Eye Mask, $0.99

Sleeping with an eye mask has proven some serious benefits over the years. Not only do they block light for a blissful night's sleep, but they also work to protect the skin around your eyes while you sleep. And for less than a dollar, how could you say no?

Shop: 8 Pieces Manicure Set and Grooming Kit, $0.69

For less than a dollar, you can snag this incredibly useful grooming kit. Whether you travel often or are constantly bothered by that one hanging nail, this manicure set of 8 is perfect to toss in your carry-on or just leave on your desk at work.

Shop: Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag, $0.99

There's nothing more frustrating than when your tote bag becomes a black hole of your life. From digging for chapstick to your AirPods and keys, it's easy for your everyday items to end up buried. This bag organizer is exactly what you need to keep things organized and easily stored.

Shop: Stainless Steel Straws (4) with Silicone Cover and Cleaner , $.90

Leading a more sustainable lifestyle starts by making small everyday changes and swapping out your plastic straws is the easiest place to start. This 4-pack of metal straws features silicone covers to keep your lips from getting to cold or hot and protects your teeth from chipping.