This is the skincare device that helped Lizzo get smooth, glowing skin for the Grammys


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Lizzo's hair, makeup and fur stole was on a Beyoncé-level of flawless at the Grammys on Sunday, Jan. 27. However, like most red carpet stars, she didn't just wake up like that. Her skincare routine reportedly only cost $70 and can all be found at Target! However, just before the show, celebrity makeup artist, Alexx Mayo, revealed that he used the Dermaflash Luxe device on the the "Truth Hurts" singer to reveal her baby soft skin before applying makeup.

Dermaflash Luxe is a small, handheld facial exfoliation that uses small vibrations and a razor (called an Edge) to remove dead skin cells, makeup build-up and peach fuzz. You might have heard of this practice before — at salons and spas, it's often called dermaplaning (and no, it won't make you grow a beard).

This easy-to-use at-home device uses Edges that are designed for one-time use only, for safety and hygiene reasons, and they're super gentle and made specifically for delicate skin. In other words, this isn't your father's razor.

Shop: Dermaflash Luxe, $199.85

According to the product description, the Dermaflash Luxe "enhances the power of skincare products by erasing the barrier to penetration" and creates a smoother surface for makeup application.

“Dermaflash is the best way to exfoliate away dull, dead skin and unwanted peach fuzz. It really does result in instantly smooth skin, creating a perfect canvas for makeup — taking Lizzo’s look to the next level," Mayo said.

Photo Credit: Dermaflash

Next, he used short, light strokes to glide the Dermflash Luxe across her entire face. And lastly, he massaged a small amount of Postflash, a hydrating after-treatment, into her skin.

The Dermaflash Luxe is the latest model from the Dermaflash brand and comes in hot pink, white, navy, icy pink and ice green. It retails for $199.85 and comes with 12 disposable Edges, Preflash cleaner and Postflash moisturizer. On the Dermaflash website, your purchase comes with a membership, so you can get discounts and shipped new Edges as you need them. (You can also find the device on Ulta and Sephora minus the membership, but it only comes with four Edges.)

However, you can also get the Dermaflash One (which is not much different) in blue with four Edges, Preflash cleanser and Postflash moisturizer for just $89.95 with a membership, exclusively on the Dermaflash website.

Shop: Dermaflash One, $89.85

On their own, the Edges are sold in packs of four with cleanser and moisturizer for $29. So, the luxe set is a pretty good deal.

While admittedly, you'll have to do a little more than at-home dermaplaning to get Lizzo's natural glow, the device is a good start for smooth skin that looks, in her words, good as hell.