Ivanka Trump's real name isn't Ivanka

Just like Prince Harry's real name is Henry, Meghan Markle was born Rachel, Reese Witherspoon's original moniker is Laura, and the name Jamie Foxx was somehow adapted from his birth name Eric, the first daughter was also born with a completely different moniker. Surprise!

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Donald Trump named his eldest son with Ivana Trump after himself. Likewise, the couple carried on the tradition and named their only daughter also Ivana Marie Trump. In Czech, Ivanka is actually an endearing nickname derived from Ivana, a clarification she tweeted about in 2010.

"My actual name is Ivana. In Czech, Ivanka is the baby name for Ivana, like Bobby is to Robert," the mother-of-three posted. The older Ivana Trump, who most recently made headlines for her Italian "Dancing with the Stars" gig and her critical comments on her former husband's administration and third wife, married Trump in 1977 after emigrating to Canada and later the United States.

Their marriage, which was Ivana's second, ended in 1992.

Ivana has written about her relationship with the current POTUS in her autobiography Raising Trump, which was released last year.

The more you know.

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