6 foods you should never eat on a cruise

Cruises may sound like fun, but unfortunately, it's not always smooth sailing for vacationers. Because of the close quarters, it's easy for illnesses (like Norovirus) to spread because of the close quarters of sea life.

The Centers for Disease Control even has "Vessel Sanitation Programs" in place to help minimize the risk of these contagious outbreaks. As part of this program, cruise ships are required to log and report the number of passengers and crew who fall ill to gastrointestinal problems, and the program inspects ships periodically, monitors outbreaks and works with crew members on public health safety practices.

Scroll through to read about the foods you should avoid while on a cruise:

But just so travelers are aware, that doesn't stop ships from receiving low inspection rates for things like dirty kitchen equipment, cockroaches, improper food storage and improper handling of drinkable water. You can check out the CDC's list of the dirtiest cruise ships of all time here.

Even if you're constantly hand sanitizing your hands and keeping your distance from public areas, it's quite easy to get sick, no matter if it's food-related or airborne.

Make sure you know what foods you're eating, how they're stored and how to protect yourself for smooth sailing!