Woman shares priceless piece of advice before embarking on cruise: 'Just a little PSA'


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One thrifty traveler took to TikTok to share a money-saving vacation hack that will have cruise-goers, among others, going overboard with excitement.

Sara Ann Sutton shared a video with her 14,300 followers, which featured herself packing for an upcoming cruise ā€” captioned with, "I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks and now I AM READY."

In the video, which has since been viewed more than 5.3 million times and racked up 1.1 million likes, Sutton holds up two seemingly normal shampoo and conditioner bottles to the camera.

"Just a little PSA: If you are ever going on a cruise and you want to sneak some ... um, certain beverages ... on your cruise, you can buy these 'flasks' for $7 off Amazon," Sutton says, referencing, of course, alcohol.


Iā€™m going on a cruise in 2 weeks and now I AM READY šŸ›³ #fyp#foryou#travelhack

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"They're just fake shampoo and conditioner bottles," she adds, before listing locations the product's box suggests it be used at, such as "cruises, dorms, convents, gyms, work, summer camp" and, best of all, "Utah."

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Credit: Amazon

The product, which even comes with six "tamper-proof factory seals" to help them to pass through tough cruise ship security, has clearly struck a chord with TikTokers, who sounded off in the comments of Sutton's post.

"But like, cruises have alcohol," one person wrote, to which another replied, "People in the comments don't know how expensive it is to drink on a cruise and it shows."

It's true ā€” one cocktail on a popular cruise line such as Royal Caribbean can cost upwards of $10 or even $13, depending on the bar you are ordering from, and a deluxe bar package can cost between $63.00 and $89.00, per passenger per day. For a 7-day cruise, that's at least $441. In contrast, a 750-milliliter bottle of Bacardi runs about $14.99 and is perfect for mixing with less-expensive fruit juice aboard a ship.

Another user questioned why Sutton would not just use a real empty bottle of shampoo, to which she explained she didn't want chemicals or fragrances to seep out of the bottle and into the liquor.

Makes sense, please put us down as a "no" for soapy booze.

And, if sunscreen is more your flavor, then you're in luck ā€” the sneaky flask also comes in both SPF 15 and SPF 30, depending on the level of UV-ray responsibility you wish to fake.

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Credit: Amazon