Man in hot water after being caught kissing at game: 'I hope you never have to be in my position'


A man who was caught kissing a woman while attending a soccer game in Ecuador is now in hot water, Metro reports.

Last Saturday, CBS reporter Roger Gonzalez shared a clip in which the man — identified as Deyvi Andrade — was at a match between Barcelona SC and Delfin. Andrade is seen with his arm around a woman and kissing her before realizing that the moment was caught on a kiss cam. He immediately pulls his arm away from her and stares straight ahead with a grim expression on his face.

"When you kiss your side chick and realize your marriage is over cuz you're on camera," Gonzalez jokingly captioned the clip on Twitter.

The footage immediately went viral. As of Thursday afternoon, it has received nearly 27 million views and over 342,000 likes.

"'Won't get noticed in this crowd!'" one person joked in response.

"I saw this live last night," another wrote. "Dude's done and everybody's been roasting him, even the commentators during the game."

According to Metro, it turns out that Andrade did, in fact, cheat on his partner. The man reportedly took to Facebook and Instagram to later defend himself.

"If it was a woman was in my place what would you do?" he oddly asked in Spanish, according to the publication's translation of the post.

"Various videos have been circulating of unfaithful women but they haven’t been made fun of as much as me. I hope you never have to be in my position," he continued.

Andrade then went on to tell social media users that he planned to defend his "honor" and "pride as a man until the end."

"We all fail and we all repent, thank you to those who have invited me to church and if I go it is so I can heal my family," he posted.

"No one is going to be able to damage my image, God is big and strong and these women who are criticizing me, I know too have cheated but they still comment," he added.

The Metro notes that Andrade also admitted that the viral footage had, in fact, ruined his relationship.

"You’ve already destroyed my relationship, what more do you want?" he asked.

"You don’t know the psychological damage you have caused with your hatred directed at me," the man wrote. "Everyone fails and we can forgive from our hearts. God give me strength!"

Neither the woman in the footage nor Andrade's ex-partner has been identified.