Get the No.1 brace Amazon shoppers swear by to fix their posture

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If you’re someone prone to slouching or suffers from bad posture, you might think you need to spend thousands of dollars to get it fixed. Not so! While bad posture can make life difficult, there is a way to help reverse it — and it's just under $20.

Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of this best-selling posture corrector from Truweo. With over 6,000 reviews, users say this is a must-have for those who desperately want to align their spine.

Shop: Posture Corrector For Men And Women, $16.99 (Orig. $19.99)

According to the product description, this clavicle brace can eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as improve your breathing. It can also provide support when you're working out, sitting at a desk or performing other mundane tasks. As a bonus, it’s made of a lightweight material so you can stay cool while wearing it under your clothes and its sizing fits both men and women. 

While some posture correctors can restrict your ability to move, this one boasts of giving you total freedom. One reviewer pointed out how comfortable it felt compared to wearing a “brace with a plate.”

“I ordered this posture corrector because i slouch too much, and when i try to stand up straight i feel like i overcompensate and it gets tiring. the reason i like this product is that when i have it on, it doesnt restrict my movements like a brace with a plate might, i dont feel like im having to put effort into standing straight so im not getting fatigued even after wearing it for a full 8 hour day. im really pleased with my purchase, its well designed and easy to use, and i think will eventually fix my bad posture.”

Most importantly, if you regularly experience back pain, reviewers say they could actually feel a difference after wearing it.

“I was skeptical, but after trying it for almost two weeks I noticed significant changes in my posture," one review said. "I have back pain due to my poor posture and have had a slight decrease in pain as well. It is easy to put the posture corrector on. There is velcro in the front which can be tightened or loosened to fit individual needs making it one size fits all. It is washable, folds easily, and doesn't take up too much space in a bag when traveling. It really does work!”

So if you want to keep yourself from slouching at your desk or slumping over your phone, this could be the trick you need. 

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