Amazon's best-selling weighted blanket forms to your body and feels like a hug

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If you have trouble sleeping through the night, or falling asleep in general, you might want to consider getting a weighted blanket. They can help you feel comforted by providing what's called deep touch pressure, which feels a lot like a cuddle or gentle hug (there's real science behind it) and in turn can help you get into a deeper, more restful sleep.

While some weighted blankets can run up to $300, however, Amazon's bestseller starts at $59. And right now, you can get one for $15 off! The YnM Weighted Blanket is popular for a few reasons: its even weight distribution, softness, durability and sleep quality. It has over 8,000 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars with people calling it the "best blanket I've ever owned!"

The YnM Weighted Blanket is made with a unique seven-layer design that's filled with glass beads to hug your every curve, and with less fiber filling than others on the market, can make you feel less hot as you slumber. Plus, you can basically customize the blanket to you with a wide variety of options in color, size and weight.

First, choose your weight: Options range from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. As a general rule, you should go with around 10 percent of your body weight plus one pound — not too heavy, not too light — when buying your blanket. Next, choose your size — the YnM Weighted Blanket also comes in twin, queen and king sizes. The twin and queen are meant for single sleepers, while a king is big enough to share. Finally, choose your color. It comes in multiple colors and designs for kids and adults. You can use the weighted blanket on its own or with a duvet for easier cleaning.

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The YnM Weighted Blanket starts at $59.90 for a kids' 5-pound blanket and increases in price depending on weight. (A 30-pound blanket costs $189.) However, right now, you can clip a coupon on Amazon for $15 off most of the options and you'll also receive a free dark gray cotton duvet cover with your purchase. That means that you can get a queen size 20-pound blanket for $54.90 (originally $69.90) and with a free duvet.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers claim they've had success with the YnM Weighted Blanket for treating disorders like anxiety and insomnia, or for others, just to get a better quality of sleep.

"I am in a lot of meetings at work. Sometimes, I had hard time keeping myself awake in those meetings due to lack of sleep. I wanted to find a way to sleep deeper not necessarily longer," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "This blanket is pretty amazing. I normally wake up once or twice in the middle of night for whatever reasons... not with this blanket. When I put this blanket on, I feel so securely placed in bed. I feel protected for some reason. I don't know why or how it is giving me the deep sleep I had hoped but It has given me one of the best night sleep I haven't experience since childhood."

Another Amazon reviewer wrote: "I find that when I use the weighted blanket I wake up less often and I fall asleep faster. I also tend to have a lot of nightmares for some reason as well, but that has also decreased since using the blanket. I am very sensitive to warm temperatures (can't even sleep under the same blanket as someone else or i get too hot), so I was worried that the blanket would be like a sauna. To my delight, unless i go to bed stressed and riled up, the blanket keeps me at the perfect temperature. I love my blanket!"

"My almost 5-yr-old has been a horrible sleeper since birth," wrote another Amazon reviewer on how the blanked helped their son. "Enter the weighted blanket. He falls asleep so much faster and stays asleep longer. The most noticeable difference is the quality of sleep. Now he only wakes once a night but goes right back to sleep. His sleep quality is so much better. I can tell he’s finally falling into a deep sleep. If you have a child with anxiety and/or sleep troubles, I highly highly recommend giving this blanket a try. A couple weeks of using this blanket and I feel like we finally have our sweet boy back."

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