Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is like a video game for working out


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If you don't love working out, but do love playing video games, this one is for you. Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure aims to get you off of the couch to explore a fantasy adventure world and defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions — all through exercising.

Shop: Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, $79.99

It might sound silly (a bodybuilding dragon, really?), but hear us out. Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure uses a special ring and leg strap to track your movements. Jog in place to run through grassy plains, attack enemies with overhead shoulder presses and refill your health meter by striking some solid yoga poses.

If you find that you prefer more traditional methods of working out, you can also create customizable workout routines or exercise with mini games that don't involve dragons and slaying fire. The game works for all levels of fitness and is rated E 10+ for "everyone."

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure works with Nintendo Switch ($299 on Amazon), and to use, you'll need to connect one of the controllers to the ring and another to a leg strap. You can even check your estimated pulse rate with a built in IR Motion sensor. Something to note: The game comes with the ring-con and leg strap. However, you can also buy replacements should you get a little too aggressive in your gaming and need a new one.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "The game executes what it needs to well with adventure mode enveloping the exercises in more curious trips and battles. It takes it exercises seriously promoting pre-stretch and post-stretch that varies depending on the exercises you did during your session (big props to that concept). Add to it a really colorful world and motivational tips and educational elements, and it’s a great meaningful session each time I boot the game. Really great design."

Comparing it to Nintendo Wii, another Amazon reviewer wrote, "If you enjoyed Wii Fit series of games, you'll like this one too. Difference is that the accessories are lighter and focus more on cardio than yoga/strength training; although those are included too."

You can shop Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure here and see it in action in the video above.