This viral necklace projects 'I love you" in 100 languages when held to light


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There are so many ways to say “I love you." Saying the phrase in 100 different languages is just a start — and there's a simple way to do it. This necklace has a stone containing "I love you" in 100 different languages, which is projected when held to light. And the charming piece of jewelry won’t break the bank.

You may have seen the necklace before on social media. The charm goes viral time and time again for its undeniably romantic qualities. But with many low-rated options online, it’s hard to find a trusted necklace to buy. One option on Amazon is an Amazon Choice product, meaning the piece is vetted by the platform as a good buy for the price.

The necklace, which ranges from $15.99 to $17.99 depending on the charm chosen, is sold by the brand Hantaostyle. The gem-like stone in the center of the chosen charm houses the words “I love you” in several languages. Simply hold it up to the sun or shine a light through the stone to see the effect. You can also hold the stone up to a phone camera to clearly see the phrases on your device’s screen.

The Amazon Choice product comes in several different pendant styles with gold, silver and rose gold finishes. With 4.5 stars on the platform, the product has been called “even better than advertised” and “stunning” by reviewers. Some have said they replaced the delicate, short chain for something slightly longer, but that’s where the complaints seem to begin and end for this piece of jewelry.

If you’ve always been curious about where the viral necklace came from, now you have answers — and a good gift for anyone you adore.

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