Amazon shoppers are snatching up this 'Shark Tank'-approved bathroom product


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While there’s no non-gross way to talk about bathroom habits, there is a product that can make your bathroom trips more comfortable and clean no matter where you are.

Amazon shoppers are kind of obsessed with a line of personal cleansing wipes from DUDE Wipes. The wipes have over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, and are randomly the No. 4 best-selling item on Amazon’s list of computers and accessories. Plus, the wipes are a favorite of business mogul Mark Cuban, who invested $300,000 just to get his hands on some in an episode of Shark Tank in 2015.

The product really shines as a more effective option to toilet paper and can be a godsend when dealing with No. 2 emergencies on the road.

Originally marketed for men, DUDE Wipes are “25 percent larger than the average flushable wipes,” so you’re able to clean more with less. Each wipe is packed with vitamins and aloe vera to help soothe sensitive areas. And they're environmentally-friendly! According to the product’s description, they’re septic-safe and contain “sustainable flushable wipe material made from plant-sourced fibers.”

Men might be the target audience here, but women also are enjoying these personal hygiene wipes. Comedian Sarah Silverman discussed her love of DUDE Wipes in an interview with Howard Stern a while back. The comedian boasted about the cleaning wipes saying she turned to DUDE Wipes after having no luck finding biodegradable wipes.

If you need a little clean up on the go, you can purchase individual wipes or you can get the 48-count dispenser to leave as a cleaning stop in your bathroom.

Shop: DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes Dispenser, $8.94

But these wipes are not just for your bathroom trips, as one reviewer pointed out: "These are far superior to plain old toilet paper, they get you cleaner (more easily) and as advertised; the sheets are bigger in size than the typical store-bought kind and they're unscented, so you don't smell like a lilac bush after. And for the price, I got a 3-pack and have re-stocked a couple times since. You won't realize what's been missing in your life till you get these, but once you use them, you can't go back. I even bought the travel size single packs to keep in my briefcase, either at airports and train stations or for those times in a pinch in public toilets."

Another reviewer raved about the wipes' effectiveness over toilet paper: "I really like these over traditional baby wipes. The bigger area makes them more effective and they just feel better in general. I share an apartment whose occupants insist on buying the cheapest toilet paper available, which just roughs up the posterior. Having these wipes alleviates that discomfort greatly and cleans a lot better than TP does."

The brand has since released other cleansing products to check out, including face wipes and body sprays.