5 of the best ski towns to add to your winter bucket list

No matter if you consider yourself a snow bunny or a snowbird, you have to admit, there's nothing quite like spending the holidays in a small mountain town. Enchanting decorations, picturesque views and, of course, extreme sports help bring all this magic to life.

And while there are plenty of places around the world that offer this unique experience to its visitors, there are also plenty of ways travelers can get join in on the festivities without needing to leave the United States.

In fact, some states are home to some of the top skiing destinations in the world. Throw in world-famous, gourmet restaurants, five-star lodgings and unbeatable mountain views, and you've got yourself quite the winter vacation.

Scroll through above to see which cities made our list of the top skiing destinations in the country -- yes, one East Coast hotspot made the cut. Can you guess which?