7 'healthy' foods that dietitians never eat

Sorry to break it to you, but certain "healthy" foods aren't really healthy at all.

Even if a product labels itself as "organic" or "low-fat" in big, bright letters and bold font, eating it may be doing more harm for your body than good. In fact, when it comes to peanut butter, you might be better off with the generic version or even opting for something else entirely. Experts maintain that the healthiest way to enjoy peanut butter is by looking for the products with the shortest ingredient list!

Smoothies are actually packed with more sugar than you'll ever know. And when it comes to high-fiber bars, just know that many of them are merely glorified candy bars, packed with sugar and carbs!

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As you kick off the new year, make sure to keep these dietitian-approved tips in mind! So put down that low-fat peanut butter, and learn which products the experts avoid.

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