Bride goes viral for 'breathtaking' wedding tribute: 'It felt exactly right'

A bride is going viral on Reddit after sharing a touching tribute to her grandmother led to a pair of shockingly similar photos.

Christina Moffet, married her then-fiancé, Alexander in October, Insider reported. When it came time to start planning the wedding, Christina struggled to find a dress.

"I had given very little thought to planning my wedding until I was actually engaged," she told Insider.

So, she tried something different. The bride-to-be started trying on previously dresses from her family members — including her grandmother, who she calls "Mite."

It turned out the outfit, which Mite had worn on her wedding day in 1956, was a perfect fit. Christina told Insider "it felt exactly right."

"I was wearing the hoop skirt, so I immediately was twirling and beaming. My mom said she knew right away that my grandma's dress was the one," she added.

Credit: Christina Moffet/Reddit
Credit: Christina Moffet/Reddit

Credit: Christina Moffet/Reddit

After her ceremony, more than 60 years later, Christina shared side-by-side photos of Mite and herself on Reddit. The post quickly went viral — it's received more than 71,000 "upvotes" in the past two weeks.

"I wore my grandmother's wedding dress from 1956 for my own wedding in 2019. Fit like a dream," the title of her post said.

Christina shared more details in the comments, including the fact that her grandmother was there to witness the occasion, adding that "she was thrilled" Hundreds of users chimed in to share their appreciation for the special moment.

"You look stunning!" one user wrote. "How fortunate to have this available and for your grandma to be there to see you on your special day. Both couples are beautiful. Best of wishes for a happy and long, healthy life together."

Others called the similarity between the two women "breathtaking," commenting that their side-by-side resemblance made the situation even more heartwarming.

"You look like, 2020 version of your 1956 grandma it's cute. It's all cute honestly," one user wrote.

"You look so much like her!! So beautiful. So glad you were able to share this moment with her," another commented.

For her part, Christina couldn't have been happier with how things turned out.

"I am so, so happy that I made that decision," she told Insider. "Mite is one of my favorite people on earth — it made the day even more special that I could honor her 57 years of marriage."

Christina and her new husband didn't stop the comparisons there though. They told Insider that they also decided to honeymoon in Michigan — exactly like Mite and her husband did in 1956.