7 effective exercises for the best at-home workout, according to a celebrity personal trainer


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We're not sure about you, but our New Year's wellness resolutions are swiftly fading away.

Gyms are overcrowded, the bleak weather is hardly motivating and it seems like our fitness goals become less and less attainable every day. And while some may prefer hitting the elliptical or a group fitness class to stay motivated, there are ways to get an effective workout in — all without leaving your living room.

We caught up with personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who has trained everyone from Pink to Alicia Keys to Bebe Rexha, on how to get our New Year's resolutions in check, the most impactful exercises and her daily diet.

Here are seven top tips from the 28-year trainer.

Abs are made in the kitchen

"All of your meals are important for your workouts, for recovery and to properly nourish the body," Jenkins told AOL Lifestyle.

"To burn body fat so you can actually see your abs, you have to make sure you are eating the proper caloric amount for your height, weight and age. Use a metabolic calculator or the Harris-Benedict Formula to make sure you are eating the proper caloric intake."

What she eats in a day

  • Breakfast: Veggie egg white omelet and green tea

  • Snack: Greek yogurt with berries and granola

  • Lunch: Turkey sandwich with mustard, lettuce and tomatoes

  • Snack: Green Juice: Spinach, apple, lemon, ginger and individual-sized trail mix

  • Dinner: Salmon with mixed green salad and sweet potato

Budget-friendly stores help Jenkins stay on track with her fitness goals and healthy eating, because she can stock up on essentials like meal prep storage containers, tea tumblers and healthy snacks.

7 most-impactful exercises

  1. Mountain climbers (25 reps) to 60-second ab plank

  2. Sumo squat to shoulder press with dumbbells & mini bands (15-25 reps)

  3. Reverse lunge to front kick with double front punch with 5-pound dumbbells (15 reps)

  4. Renegade row with 5-10 pound dumbbells (10-20 reps)

  5. Hop overs, over the yoga mat (10 reps)

  6. Tricep kickbacks with back taps using 5-10 pound dumbbells (10-20 reps)

  7. Ab tucks (15 reps) to offset ab hollow flutter kicks (30 seconds) with 5-10 pound dumbbells (repeat three times)

Fitness equipment everyone should own

"Fitness must-haves that everyone should have at their home are a yoga mat, foam roller, resistance bands and dumbbells," she said. "I love searching through Marshalls and discovering a variety of yoga mats and other exercise gear that are perfect for at-home workouts."

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