Gal Gadot shares her Wonder Woman-ready wellness tips for conquering the 'hectic world'

For Gal Gadot, it really is all about the simpler things in life.

The "Wonder Woman" actress was recently named Smartwater's latest celebrity partner, and she shared her everyday wellness tips around hydration, working out and beyond with In The Know, showing that it doesn't take any groundbreaking changes to make sure you're living a superhero-ready lifestyle.

"I'm a mother, I'm a working woman, I do this [and that], I travel ... If I don't think about wellness, I'll be burnt out," Gadot told us while promoting her Smartwater partnership. "We're all living in a very modern, demanding and hectic world, and we need to find a way to balance ourselves."

"I try to meditate, and I try to be with my loved ones and have a truly good quality time with no screens and no phones and no distractions," the Israeli-born actress went on. "The simple things are the most effective ones, whether it's going on the beach and just taking a walk or drinking a nice glass of wine and watching the sunset... it sounds super schmoozy or whatever, but [those are] my favorite moments."

The 34-year-old mother also knows a thing or two about what it means to get in shape — whether for her latest appearance as Wonder Woman in a DC Comics movie or from her two years in the Israel Defense Forces — but what she's found is that, for herself, she has to make sure she changes up her workout regimen in order to avoid getting bored.

"I change it all the time, because I found that whenever I do one thing for too long [of a] period of time, I get bored of it and then I end up not doing anything," Gadot laughed. "I did a lot of pilates, I walk a lot, I do a like of hikes, I'm back in the gym now and I swim, which helps me meditate, in a way. There's something super meditative about it."

Of course, during all that training, it's important that she stays extra hydrated.

"I always drink water and I always make sure I have water with me," she said, whipping out a giant bottle of Smartwater as she spoke. "I would say that I drink eight to 10 to sometimes more cups a day."

And, as for what she eats, the actress doesn't have too much of an issue making sure that she eats clean because she naturally just loves vegetables, having grown up in Israel (which is known for its healthy, fresh and generally light foods).

"I'm big, big, big, big on veggies and I love salads. Like, I can crave salads," she said. "However, I have my weak spots as well, and it can be anywhere from cheeseburgers to a really good pasta to grilled cheese."

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