The $15 travel item Dan Levy can't live without is a total game changer


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Canada’s favorite comedy is in its sixth and final season, and its leading man is letting the world in on his secret to staying germ-free while up in the air.

Since airplanes can be dirty — like we're talking “Ew David!” dirty — creator and star of Schitt’s Creek, Daniel Levy, knows just how to get around those pesky germs and keep bacteria away.

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In a recent episode of GQ’s video series, 10 Essentials, the actor revealed the 10 things he can’t live without. And just like his character David, the stylish star has good taste.

His list of must-haves include two chic — and affordable — items that he uses to stay clean and comfortable while hitting the road or just staying at home.

Shop: PlaneAire Travel Mist, $14.99

Unlike many popular disinfectant sprays, the PlaneAire Travel Mist is 100 percent organic. It’s made from a blend of six essential oils, purified water and organic fruit acids. Also, it’s TSA-approved, making it a great item to pack inside a carry-on or a purse. To use, just shake it up and spray, spray, spray.

According to the product's website, it helps “eliminate the harmful bacteria that someone else left behind.” So, whether it’s a bathroom door or airplane tray table, just spray onto the surface, or into the air, and you’ve got yourself a clean space.

For those who are fans of travel hygiene, this is a product that Levy swears by. “This was sent to me a long time ago and I have used it religiously ever since,” the actor told GQ.

But it doesn't stop there. According to reviews, the spray also works great as a general disinfectant. One reviewer raved about using the product in different public places and spaces. “This product is truly impressive! I am hooked on it and have been spraying not only when I fly but at work as well! I also recently was in a hospital and I sprayed the remote controls and any surface you can imagine!!! So far no cold!! AMAZING!!!!”

In addition to carrying travel mist, Levy admitted to his love of Japanese incense.

Shop: Hibi Japanese Cyrus Incense Match Box, $12

This lovely incense match box is the actor's go-to to make a room smell good and smell good fast. It comes in a pack of eight matchsticks and can work for all your smelly emergencies. To use, take a match, strike it and let it burn for 10 minutes.

“If you’re having guests over, I often like to leave them out by the toilet in case of any kind of emergency, let the guests feel comfortable in times of need. But it is a delicious smell and they last for 10 minutes…” Levy told GQ.

Whether you want to feel clean in a public place or remove unwanted smells in your room, these items are a perfect addition to your cleanliness routine.

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