The Robosen T9 robot was revealed at CES and it's the metal minion you've always wanted

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Say hello to your new robot minion. The Robosen T9 Robot, which was revealed at CES in January, is the ultimate programmable hunk of metal. The transformer, which can turn from robot to car and back again, is the newest robot innovation to hit the toy-tech market — and yes, you can buy it.

It can walk. It can drive. It can even do push-ups.

The Robosen T9 transforms from a robot to a vehicle with “stunningly smooth and seamless motion” — and it does it all through voice commands. Users can program thousands of actions using a mobile app to customize the so-called “beast of a toy.” Those custom actions can be voice enabled, too. The robot has the ability to store “tens of thousands" of these actions, including the ability to race in car form or bipedal walk in robot form.

Shop: Robosen T9 Robot, $499

The Robosen T9 is three pounds and 15 inches tall, giving it a compact but not puny look. The robot has 22 artificial joints or motors, meaning it has an impressive range of motion that probably rivals yours.

But don’t let all the technical talk scare you. The accompanying app is said to be an intuitive learning tool, meant to help children and adults learn graphic programming while teaching their Roboen T9 new tricks.

Best of all, you can actually buy this thing. And it is pretty well-priced, as far as robots go.

The Robosen T9 Robot is a cool $499, and is available on Amazon. If you’ve always wanted to create a robot arm of transforming metal minions, now is your chance to get in some practice.