Little boy's mind-blowing bowl trick goes viral: 'How'

Consider us bowled over.

A clip of a young Chinese boy stacking bowls atop his head while balancing on a board and barrel is going viral.

New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz shared footage of the child's feat on Twitter, which was taken from another user's Tiktok account.

"How," Lorenz captioned the jaw-dropping stunt, which has been viewed more than 115,000 times on her account alone.

The now-viral video seems to have been recorded at an acrobatic center in Kaifeng, located in central China’s Henan province. It was originally shared on one of the facility's social media accounts, which is full of videos depicting similar impressive acts.

In 2013, Chinese acrobat Rong Niu, who goes by the stage name "Red Panda," went viral for her impressive display of bowl juggling during her audition for "America's Got Talent."

Niu deftly flipped four bowls lined up on her leg into a stack on her head while peddling a very tall unicycle with just one leg as the show's judges looked on in suspense, with Mel B even covering her eyes during parts of the nail-biting performance.

The acrobat was greeted with uproarious applause upon successfully completing her act and went on to make it to the show's semifinals, where she was sadly eliminated.

Today, Niu remains one of the most in-demand NBA half-time acts of all time, having performed for every major team except the Miami Heat since she was first tapped to perform for the Los Angeles Clippers on Thanksgiving Day in 1993, she previously told ESPN.