This hat has solar panels that can charge your phone

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The only thing worse than having your phone die when you're out and about is having to lug around an annoying external charger or power bank. Clunky and easy-to-lose, nine out of 10 times we'd much rather carry around our own charging cord and run around to find a free outlet than having to charge up our external battery and remember to bring it with us.

If you also find yourself with a dead phone more often that you'd like to admit, we might have found the perfect solution.

The SOLSOL Snapback Hat is outfitted with sleek solar panels on its brim that can charge your phone! Completely battery-free, this flat-brim style baseball cap is not only a stylish accessory in its own right, but it also provides sun protection on top of keeping your electronic devices powered!

The SOLSOL works with every device from your smartphone to your tablet and more — you just provide the proper charging cord and plug it into the port on the side of the cap. Wear the hat on your head or set it out in the sunshine when you're hanging outside or on the move and never worry about finding an outlet or spare power bank again.

Whether you're an avid hiker, a beach-goer (don't worry, the panels are water-resistant) or are trying to be a little bit more environmentally-friendly, the SOLSOL is sure to be your new BFF. Shop this unique piece of wearable tech below and see it in action in the video above.

Shop: SOLSOL Snapback Hat Collection 2.0, $65