Inflatable ‘90s furniture is making the comeback it deserves


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Plastic furniture lovers of the ‘90s, rejoice. Inflatable furniture is making a come back, so soon your living room will smell like a giant beach ball. Get ready to fall in love with creaky plastic chairs made of thigh-sticking PVC. This is the stunningly garish home decor you deserve — just prepare to faint while blowing them up.

Urban Outfitters, the it-retailer for millennial and Gen-Z home decor, is currently selling several models of inflatable chairs. The inexpensive blow-up furniture is gorgeously kitschy and gloriously ‘90s, ranging in price from $19 to $59. The chairs are the perfect blast-from-the-past to add to that dusty, unused corner of your living space.

The bubble furniture will bring you back to your ‘90s childhood bedroom or, in my case, your stuffy childhood playhouse. Ah, the memories of exercising my lung capacity at 10 years old by inflating a plastic pink couch solo. The nostalgia will be endless.

"I love this chair! [It's an] instant comfortable seat I use both inside and outside," one comment on Urban Outfitters reads. "It is really easy to inflate with the hair dryer attachment that came with it." Apparently modern technology has found a way for the youth of today to not spend hours blowing into a plastic chair. We've come so far.

If you've always hungered to sit down on an inflated bag of plastic, shop these options below. With glitter and LED options, there’s even more to love than the blow-up furniture of your youth. Furniture of the '90s, meet modern flare.

Shop: Urban Outfitters Trixie Inflatable Chair, $19 (Orig. $39)

Shop: Urban Outfitters Polly Inflatable Chair, $24 (Orig. $39)

Shop: Urban Outfitters Lucy Glitter Inflatable Chair, $59 (Orig. $69)

Shop: BloChair LED Inflatable Chair, $39.98 (Orig. $59.99)

Shop: Air Candy Pink Glitter Inflatable Chair, $38.99