Elizabeth Warren leaves internet baffled with skincare reveal: 'I have such profound disbelief'


From the Australian wildfires to building tensions in the Middle East, there's *a lot* going on in the news right now, but there's nothing that's trending on Twitter at the moment quite like Elizabeth Warren's skincare routine.

Let us explain: Cosmopolitan recently interviewed Warren as part of their series, "The Candidates Come to Cosmo," where she discussed the importance of the Affordable Care Act, the plight of America's middle class and equal pay. But perhaps the buzziest moment of the interview was when the 70-year-old dropped a beauty bomb that left even the publication's editor stunned.

To close out the interview, Jessica Pels asked the senator the same question she asked every candidate as part of the profile: What is your skincare routine?

"Pond's Moisturizer," Warren responded. "Every morning, every night. And I never wash my face."

She explained: "So I have—had, she’s passed now—but a much older cousin named Tootsie. Years ago, I was, I guess probably somewhere in my 20s, and we’re at a big family reunion. And Tootsie was beautiful. I looked over at her, and I said, 'Toots, how do you have such gorgeous skin?' She said, 'Pond’s Moisturizer every morning, every night, and never wash your face.' So from Tootsie to me to you."

The popular moisturizer costs under $7 and is available for purchase here.

While Twitter users were impressed with her simple secret, one dermatologist says that it would be unwise to go by Warren's tips.

“It is one of my pet peeves, my patients know me well on this,” said Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, a dermatologist out of NYC, to HuffPost. “It is pretty important to wash your face."

She added: "Throughout the day the skin accumulates dirt from the environment, oils your skin produces, sweat your skin produces, makeup if you have it on, unwanted debris in the environment ends up on your face throughout the day. Pollutants, bacteria, viruses, all of that. And then you have dead cells. If you don’t cleanse, you don’t remove that, the layer just remains.”

Everyone from Cory Booker to Mayor Pete to Amy Klobuchar were asked the same question on their beauty routines.

Of course, Bernie Sanders gave the most Bernie Sanders-response possible, saying: "I put something on. I got something, the doctor gave me something years ago. I put it on. I'm not quite sure."

But we have to say, Warren's answer was perhaps the most baffling.