This all-in-one beauty stick is Hollywood's latest 'it' beauty product


Your makeup routine just got a little easier (and cheaper) thanks to one game-changing product.

The Huestick from the new beauty brand Live Tinted is a must-have item on the rise for 2020 and beyond — and for good reason! It's a lipstick, eye shadow, blush and color corrector all rolled into one, for just $24. Launched in 2019, this multistick is a new product making its way into the hands of celebrity makeup artists, beauty bloggers and makeup lovers everywhere. For example, celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin recently used it on actress Jessica Alba, as seen here.

And on singer and television host Nicole Scherzinger by celeb makeup artist Clarissa Luna.

Adding to credence to its status as an "it" product in Hollywood? The Huestick won the Innovator Award for Elle’s first Future of Beauty Awards just a few months ago!

A true multi-purpose product, the Huestick can be used to bring brightness to your cheeks, erase stubborn dark spots, eliminate dark circles or add a pop of color on your lips. Whatever your makeup needs, the Huestick has got you covered, literally.

This little beauty wonder is available in three shades: Origin, Rise and Perk. Select just one or grab all three for $60. The brand is currently sold out of its new shade, Found.

According to the brand’s website, the Huestick is clean, vegan and cruelty-free. In addition, each Huestick contains Vitamins C and E and is packed with hyaluronic acid.

The brand is also pretty woke, thanks to its founder and CEO Deepica Mutyala.

The famed brown beauty blogger is using the cosmetics line to celebrate women of color and beauty diversity with the hashtag #LiveTinted. For example, a line on the company website reads: "If you've ever felt left out of the beauty narrative, Live Tinted is for you." This mission, combined with the product’s versatility, makes it a valued buy for many makeup users.

One reviewer with sensitive skin praised the product’s pragmatic use: “One of my best purchases this year as it’s an all in one makeup treat for anyone. The ease to use it as a color corrector, blush, lipstick n an eyeshadow makes it my perfect companion everywhere I go."

Another reviewer commended the product’s effectiveness in hiding dark circles: "LOVE this huestick! I’ve struggled with dark under eye circles my whole life and was never able to properly cover them up! With Rise under my concealer I look so young and alive. Even better, I apply the Huestick on my teenage daughter who inherited the same dark under eye circles - so now she doesn’t have to struggle with them like I did. THANK YOU!"

According to fans, the Huestick is a win for different all different skin types, from oily to dry. Whether you prefer a natural look or a glam look, let the Huestick be your next beauty trick.