These customizable potatoes are the perfect gag gift

We all know potatoes come in many wonderful forms — baked, mashed, French fried, and of course, tater totted — but what about gifted bundled?

It might sound ridiculous, but that’s the idea behind Potato Parcel, the Shark Tank-approved company whose sentimental starches are taking the internet by storm.

The idea is pretty simple: You simply submit a message or photo, then the name and address of the person you’re sending a spud. Potato Parcel will then imprint the media — including detailed, full-color images — onto an otherwise completely normal potato.

Potatoes can also be sent with their own gold-painted gift basket, which includes an assortment of candy for your lucky recipient. The company claims the boxes, which are currently available for $22.99 (plus free shipping!), are ideal for nearly any gift-giving situation.

“Perfect for birthdays, love notes, congrats messages, sales pitches/follow-ups, or any occasion you can think of!” the Amazon description for the product reads.

And apparently, people seem to agree. Alex Craig, the company’s founder, said Potato Parcel sold more than 70,000 potatoes in its first three years.

A large part of that might have to do with the surprise factor, as there are several Instagram posts and YouTube videos dedicated to people’s surprised reactions as they open their gift box, only to find a decorated potato hiding inside.

Past ideas have included everything from photos of celebrities and dogs to pun-heavy messages like, “Haters gonna hate, taters gonna tate.”