Man shares outrage over 'disgusting' surprise in daughter's Amazon order: 'It was gross'


A father in California was shocked by an Amazon delivery meant for his daughter, after finding the "disgusting" surprise included in her order.

Brian McCarthy, a photographer based in Los Angeles, shared the mistake on his Twitter account last month. In his post, the dad explained that his daughter had been sent a supposedly new waffle maker by her grandmother.

There was just one problem though. The appliance already had an old, crusty and burnt waffle hiding sitting inside it.

"Wow, my mom sent my daughter a new waffle maker from @amazon and they sent us a used one with the FOOD STILL IN IT. Disgusting," McCarthy wrote on Twitter.

McCarthy also referenced an article in the Wall Street Journal titled "You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon — Literally," adding that the online retail giant "has no quality control." He went on to describe the package's condition to several disgusted Twitter users who asked if the leftover food was moldy, among other things.

"It appeared to be cooked to a crisp," McCarthy tweeted. "I didn't inspect it any further. It was gross."

Amazon’s Help Team quickly responded to McCarthy's tweet, apologizing for the incident and asking for more details.

"We're sorry to see the condition this item arrived in. It's certainly not the experience we strive for!" the Help Team tweeted. "So a member of our team to take a closer look at this, please ask your mom to sign in and provide all the order details here."

Select Brands, which manufactured the waffle maker, also reached out to McCarthy on Twitter, noting that the company is unable to ensure the quality of its products if they are being resold or distributed through a third party on Amazon. However, the company also apologized for the state of McCarthy's delivery.

"Mr. McCarthy, We are so sorry that you had this experience with one of our products. Select Brands maintains strong quality control processes," Select Brands tweeted. "We only ship firsthand goods and do not restock or resell returned or used goods."

McCarthy responded to Select Brands, saying he didn't believe the company was at fault. Instead, he said the leftover waffle was "clearly an issue with how [Amazon] markets used products on their website."

"My gripe is with what I believe is deceptive marketing from @Amazon and poor quality controls," he added.

Fox News reported that McCarthy has since sent back his daughter's waffle maker, and has now decided to repurchase the same item from a brick and mortar store.