Woman is selling unusually-shaped chicken nugget for a cool $5,000

A woman from Florida is selling a chicken nugget shaped like a manatee for a cool $5,000 after finding the unusually-shaped piece at the bottom of her fast-food box.

Melinda Britt Disbrow made a stop at Culvers in Apollo Beach, Fla. after a hectic workday when she made the discovery.

"I saw the tender in the bottom of the bag and went to my coworkers and said this looks like a manatee, doesn’t it look like a manatee? And everyone agreed,” Disbrow said to WSTP.

Facebook Marketplace

She's since listed the "new" manatee-shaped nugget on the Facebook Marketplace under its "Antiques and Collectibles" category.

Disbrow, who claims she's gotten hundreds of messages on the surprise, says she initially listed it as a joke but now hopes to put the money to good use, perhaps towards the organization Save the Manatee.

"I hope with all of the buzz this is getting it brings attention to the manatees," she said.

"They’re just so peaceful and honestly need to be protected. If you’ve seen a manatee, they’re normally injured. You can see the scars on their back, if we can take something from this, like protecting and helping the animals, that would be amazing."