Man shares outrage after secretly filming USPS delivery driver: 'There's no excuse for this'


A mailman's behavior has sparked a massive controversy online after a man shared footage of the way his package was being handled.

Nick Verzilli shared a video of the incident to YouTube on Friday, in a clip titled, "USPS sucks." The footage, which now has more than 1 million views, shows a postal service worker flipping, tossing and kicking a large box before delivering it to Verzilli's doorstep.

Verzilli told the Daily Mail that the package contained about 40 pounds of computer equipment, adding that he began filming after the first time he saw the driver drop his order. He also shared photos of the box, which appeared to be scratched and split open in one corner.

Nick Verzilli/Reddit
Nick Verzilli/Reddit

Credit: Nick Verzilli/Reddit

The clip of the mailman, which features both doorbell camera footage and video that Verzilli recorded himself, drew a wave of criticism after also being shared on Reddit. Many comments slammed the driver for being "lazy" and "incompetent."

"If the package was too heavy for him to lift, he should have a cart/dolly in his van," one user commented. "He should've at the very least been smart enough to park on your side of the street before removing it from the van so the distance would be shorter. There's no excuse for this."

Others, however, were more sympathetic, saying the mailman was put in a bad situation.

"I just don't understand why a dolly wouldn't be provided? I would argue he wasn't set up for success, but the kick really seals the deal that this job certainly isn't for him," another Reddit user wrote.

Verzilli, for his part, said this was not a one-time issue. He posted on Reddit that the same USPS worker has been mistreating his packages for some time now.

"He's been confronted many times before," Verzilli wrote. "I can't change him. I'd rather be smart about the situation, stay clear and let him do his thing, then take care of it through the proper channels."

Verzilli added that he believed the mailman was even aware he was being filmed, but still continued to mistreat the package. He later posted that he's now filed a complaint with the USPS Office of the Inspector General.

"It's like putting a kid in time-out for the same misbehavior over and over again. It's obviously not getting through," he wrote on Reddit.