30 school lunches you can make in 30 minutes or less

We feel for you, parents.

No matter if you're a meal planner or a last-minute organizer, organizing for back-to-school lunches is never easy. Picky eaters, early start times and conflicting schedules exacerbate this stress -- and no matter how many parenting books you may read or parenting bloggers you may follow, each year seems to get harder and harder.

Scroll through below to see what we're making this week:

But until your kiddo is off to college and making his or her own lunch (maybe in a mug?!), check out our list of 30 lunches you can make in half an hour or less. From peanut butter and jelly tacos to gooey apple and cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches, here are the kiddo-approved recipes we're making this week.

Find your favorites, save 'em for later and get cookin'!

And for more back to school inspiration, watch the video above.