Bride slammed over 'superficial' reason for canceling sister's maid of honor invite: 'Get over yourself'

A bride is sparking controversy online after sharing the reason she planned to disinvite her sister from being her maid of honor.

The 24-year-old woman, who shared her story anonymously on Reddit, said she asked her younger sister to be her maid of honor more than a year ago. However, she's now considering pulling back that request after learning her 20-year-old sister would be in an arm sling during the wedding.

In her post, the woman said her sister tore a ligament in her elbow years ago, and finally decided to have the issue fixed with surgery. The bride noted that while she was happy her sister could get healthy, she had a "selfish" urge to remove her from her role in the ceremony.

"Obviously, I want my sister to be pain-free and finally get her surgery. But, like any human being, there is a selfish side of me. I don’t want her to be the maid of honor in my wedding because she’ll be wearing a sling in all of the photos and videos from the wedding," the woman's post read.

She went on to say that while she felt bad, she found it frustrating that her sister waited years to get surgery before planning an operation just days before the wedding

"Now, most of my family thinks that I’m a horrible person for even considering not letting my sister be part of the wedding party," the woman wrote. "I feel as though she could’ve waited after the wedding to get the surgery, considering she’s waited 3 years already, or had enough time to get the surgery in advance of the wedding."

The post drew a fervent response on the Reddit forum AITA (Am I The A******?), where many users felt the bride was being "superficial" or and a "bridezilla."

"YTA. You should want her there to support you and be a part of your special day, not to be an aesthetic image to look at in pictures. Get over yourself," one commenter wrote.

Sorry, but I can't even begin to fathom the question you're asking here. This is a part of your sister for right now, so the sling goes in the pictures with her. Anything else is genuinely inconceivable to me," another added.

Others noted that the woman was possibly overreacting, adding that the sling would not make a difference in the photos.

"The sling can be creatively hidden in the pictures. And trust me, no one gives two s**** about your wedding photos. They’re not going to be treasured pieces of the family. It’s just your little show-off day," one commenter wrote.

Some users were more sympathetic though, noting that the bride should simply focus on her special day and forget about the sling being an issue.

"The timing of your sister's surgery is unfortunate, but the important thing is for your wedding to be a joyous event shared with the people you love, a day you can all remember fondly. Please don't spoil the day for her. People matter more than photos," one Redditor wrote.