The best houseplants to liven up your space during winter


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If the chilly, snowy winter weather has you down, you can still make your home green, lush and lively. Houseplants are a simple way to add some gorgeous green color to your home when everything outside looks less than alive.

Millennials and Gen-Z have renewed the popularity of houseplants, reviving a previously struggling plant industry. Whether you call it a social media-driven trend or a way for city-dwelling young people to reconnect with nature, plant ownership is a craze — and it's easy to fall in love with all the greenery.

When your home is filled with plants, it becomes inviting and lively, even in the most dreary of months. While the outside world is covered in snow, your home can be filled with thriving plants that remind you that spring isn’t terribly far away.

The Sill, which ships plants throughout the United States, has a wide selection of plants to choose from for any plant parent — and the brand ships nationwide. Whether you are a beginner or a plant pro, here are the best plants to freshen and revive your home during the cold weather months.

Shop: Small ZZ Plant in Mint Balboa Planter, $40

ZZ plants grow with minimal attention making them amazing plants for beginners or for rooms with super low light.

Shop: Medium Monstera Deliciosa in Blush Grant Planter, $56

The incredibly popular “Swiss cheese” plant is an Instagram staple, especially in a blush planter. Though slightly temperamental, this plant is a must-have for any plant home.

Shop: Small Snake Plant in Cream Prospect Planter, $33

Though it may not appear like one, a snake plant is actually a succulent. They are extremely easy to take care of, as are most succulents, thriving in medium lighting.

Shop: Rubber Tree Plant in Terracotta Grant Planter, $52

With shiny burgundy leaves and a bold appearance, Rubber Trees love medium light and regular watering.

Shop: Hoya Heart Plant in Blush Ezra Planter, $21

This single leaf plant looks like a small heart, making it a darling addition to any home. Plus it's simple to care for.

Shop: Green Philodendron in Cream Olmsted Planter, $35

One of the most popular houseplants, philodendrons are quick-growing and easy to maintain. Their trailing vines are simply gorgeous.

Shop: Alocasia Polly in Cream Grant Planter, $34

With green leaves and contrasting white veins, the Alocasia Polly is a striking plant. Though it can be slightly temperamental when it comes to placement and care, this beauty is worth the trouble.

Shop: Aloe Vera Plant in Senora August Planter,$36

Aloe plants have gained huge popularity in the past few years for the plant’s medicinal properties. They are easy to care for and grow quite large when thriving in the correct environment.

Shop: Jade Pothos Plant in Blush Prospect Planter, $33

With quick-growing vines and forgiving qualities for the forgetful plant owner, a Jade Pothos plant is a fabulous choice for a beginner.