This is why Kate Middleton always looks so good in pictures

Kate Middleton is one of the most famous faces in the world.

Before becoming a royal at her wedding to Prince William in 2011, she was regularly photographed at charity events or by Wills' side at weddings, polo matches and the occasional royal engagement. Anyone who has been following the duchess throughout her decade-long time in the public eye will know that somehow, even with seas of photographers and swarms of royal fans, the girl can't take a bad picture.

The duchess is always camera-ready due to a few factors, ranging from her carefully-planned glam, posture and how she "manages to avoid eye contact" with photographers.

“Kate's hair is always styled to perfection, her most common style is loose waves, or curls, and it’s always pushed to the front of her shoulders,” said photographer Grace Robinson to Yahoo. “This frames the face perfect for any image as her hair colour compliments her skin tone and makeup perfectly.” She also opts for minimal makeup because " too much makeup or the incorrect makeup style for your face shape can really show up negatively on camera,” as well as outfits that "work best for her."

In addition to her posture and "infectious smile," the duchess seems to actively work to avoid looking at the camera directly."This way the face looks slimmer and the jaw line is accentuated. She is rarely photographed front on, which can cause loss of definition in the face in photographs,” Robinson continued.

It's a maneuver that other editors have noticed from the duchess' plethora of engagements each and every year.

Explained Tatler magazine to The Guardian: "The Duchess of Cambridge is smart because she manages to avoid eye contact with cameras at all times, making it impossible for any magazine to ever run a picture of her on the cover that looks anything other than incidental."