Police officer stunned by $1 'reward' note: 'I was having a difficult day'

A Tennessee police officer is going viral after sharing his heartwarming reaction to the $1 "reward" he received from a young boy.

Zach Little, a patrol officer with the Smyrna Police Department, shared the touching interaction in a Facebook post on Sunday. In his post, Little said the exchange with the child — named Levi — took place following a long funeral service in the rain.

"I was pulled over in a bank parking lot drying off, when a younger boy (around 10 yrs old) hopped out of this car and ran me an envelope and said to me, 'Thank you for your service sir,' as he ran back to his mother's car in the pouring rain," Little's post read. "I asked his mother, 'What was this?' She simply replied, 'It’s an act of kindness and please be safe,' as they pulled away."

The officer revealed that the envelope contained a letter written by the young boy, along with a present — a single $1 bill taped inside of the message.

"Hi officer or deputy," the child's letter begins. “To me, you are the bravest men and women I ever knew and due to the hate and harassment you all may get and have some low spirits do [sic] to that."

"I want to raise your spirits. So because your [sic] my number 1, I wanted to give you this," the message concludes.

Levi's letter also featured the hashtag #BackTheBlue, which is used to signify a movement of support for law enforcement members. Little said the kindhearted gesture made his day.

"It was very heartwarming. I was having a difficult day and this really lifted my spirits," Little told People.

"Thank you, Levi, and thank you to his mama for teaching him to LOVE and not hate! #backtheblue #thankyou," Little added in his Facebook post.

Little told People that despite the small amount, he had never received a "gesture of this nature." However, he added that the town of Smyrna "always has our back and we are thanked every day."

The officer went on to say he hopes Levi's actions will inspire others to do similar things for strangers.

"I hope that people are reminded of the power of random acts of kindness," Little said.