Unusual uses for vinegar that will make your life so much easier

Have you ever noticed how versatile vinegar is? Apple cider, white, balsamic, rice -- there are so many kinds and hybrids. And yes, each type possesses its own slew of magical powers. Because it's so acidic, vinegar can be hailed as a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning your home.

Whether it's polishing silver, removing accidental ink stains, conditioning hair or turning it into a homemade bug spray, vinegar can do it all. And then some.

Scroll through to see all the uses for vinegar:

It might be sitting in your cupboard as we speak. If not, you should definitely jot down a reminder to pick up a bottle (or a few) next time you hit the grocery store. From its endless beauty tricks and home hacks, vinegar is one of the most beneficial products out there.

Trust us.

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