The Shift necklace can help you deal with panic attacks


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If you experience anxiety or panic attacks, you have probably been told to try breathing exercises to help calm your symptoms.

Breath work is a core way of dealing with the physical aspects of anxiety, helping to return the body to a relaxed state from a panicked one. But doing breath work during a panic attack is often the last thing on someone’s mind—and it’s easy to do breathing exercises wrong. But there’s a chic necklace that helps solve that problem, reminding you to embrace stillness while also helping to facilitate breathing exercises.

Komuso’s The Shift necklace features a tube-shaped charm that helps you slow your breath when exhaled through. By exhaling through the tube, your breath is extended, forcing you to slow your breathing. Slowing your breath through mindful breathing has been shown to slow heart rate and promote the feeling of calm.

When you’re anxious or stressed, your breath gets shorter which tells your brain to prepare for fight-or-flight. By slowing breath through breath work, you send a signal to your parasympathetic nervous system to calm down.

If you are new to breath work or too flustered to remember how it’s done, the Shift guarantees you do it right. The company says just wearing the Shift is a good reminder to prioritize calm—and extra assurance that you are prepared to handle tough moments.

The Shift is based off the traditions of Japanese Komuso monks, who followed the ancient Eastern discipline of “blowing zen through a flute to feel good,” according to the Komuso brand site. These monks embraced music as a way to promote calm, but the action of blowing through a tube-like instrument can do more than soothe through song. Exhaling through a small tube like the Shift makes it so you have to slow your breathing down. In fact. it's impossible to pass a hurried breath through the tube.

To use the Shift, a user breaths normally through their nose, then exhale through the tube for eight to 10 seconds. The company recommends repeating this breath work at least five times to calm the body.

The Shift is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to tarnishing and extremely durable. Once you try it, you’ll see the tiny tube has staying power in your relaxation routine. Shop the Shift below.

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