Man baffles girlfriend with question during 'Family Feud': 'Yes I will?'


A North Carolina man is going viral after his "Family Feud" parody turned into a heartwarming marriage proposal.

Joshua Powell was hosting his own version of the popular game show for his girlfriend, Kiana Myrick, when the romantic surprise took place. Myrick thought Powell was simply joking, but it turned out he had a much more serious plan in mind.

"I just put my head down and kind of just focused, it didn’t even dawn on me that he was about to propose," Myrick told WNCN-TV.

Powell's mother, LaShonda Williamson, posted a video of her son's ingenious proposal on Facebook last week, where it's now been viewed nearly 3 million times. In the clip, Myrick has her back turned while Powell stands behind her, playing the role of a "Family Feud" host.

"We surveyed 100 women," Powell begins. "Name a day a woman always dreams of."

"Her wedding day," Myrick answers, still completely unaware of the impending proposal.

Powell then launches into a series of rapid-fire questions, including, "Name something a woman wears all white to" and "Name a spot a woman always wants to go to for a vacation." Then, he hits Myrick with his final question.

"How would you finish this: Will you marry me," Powell asks, to which Myrick responds: "Yes I will?"

The host-turned-fiancé then gets down on one knee, leading Myrick into a more traditional proposal.

"I love you with all of my heart," Powell says, as Myrick wipes away tears. "A lot of people may say we are young, but I say life is too short."

Powell told WNCN-TV that the idea was inspired by him and Myrick's love of "Family Feud." It was a concept he hoped his now-fiancé would appreciate, but never something he expected to go viral.

"I just wanted to give her what she deserved and now it’s like a million views later, like wow that’s amazing," Powell said.

Myrick, for her part, seemed pleased with the proposal. She posted a message to Facebook days after the video, thanking friends for their congratulations and expressing her excitement over getting engaged.

"To my soon to be family, thank you for accepting me for who I am..." her post read. "To the individuals, organizations, and networks that shared Joshua Powell & I story, thank you for giving us the opportunity. Joshua Powell, love you baby!!!