Sickly rescue cat breaks the internet with unusual ears: 'Looks like she was assembled wrong'


A rescued cat is warming hearts across the internet after going viral for its striking resemblance to one of 2019's most memorable characters.

Simply dubbed, "Baby Yoda Cat," the tiny feline has earned an outpouring of support — and hundreds of adoption requests — after drawing comparisons to Baby Yoda, the breakout character from the new Disney+ TV series, "The Mandalorian."

The cat, which was found in Kannapolis, N.C., earlier this month, had a variety of health issues when it was brought into the Cabarrus Animal Hospital, the New York Post reported. It was suffering from hair loss, respiratory infection, intestinal parasites and a deep wound around its neck.

It’s unclear how Baby Yoda Cat received the injuries and became so sickly, but the animal is now recovering in its temporary home. Jana Aviles, a veterinarian assistant at the animal hospital took the now-famous feline in while it awaits a forever home.

In the meantime, the cat is becoming a viral phenomenon. Baby Yoda Cat even has its own Facebook page, complete with adorable photos and updates on the animal’s journey.

The newfound fame has led to plenty of love for the kitten — which seems to be mainly compared to Baby Yoda for its unusual ear shape and wide, innocent-looking face. Many social media users seemed charmed by the comparison between the cat and Baby Yoda, a character that is almost scientifically designed to be adorable.

"I believe this little Jedi will have no problem finding an appropriate and loving home," one Facebook commenter wrote on the feline’s Facebook page. "My only wish is that the selection criteria also include a requirement that her new parents be educated on the Star Wars Universe."

"Oh my. Looks like she was assembled wrong ! Love her tho," another added.

Some, however, disagreed with the comparison, instead suggesting that Baby Yoda Cat actually looked more like Dobby, the mischevious, big-eared elf from the "Harry Potter" series. Either way, many were outraged that someone would harm such a small animal.

"I don’t understand who would hurt this sweet baby," one Facebook commenter wrote.

"I have never wanted a cat so badly," another added, joining the hordes of social media users asking to adopt Baby Yoda Cat.

Baby Yoda Cat is currently available for adoption through the Humane Society of Rowan County. The organization charges $50 per adoption, which is a small fee when considering you may be getting a Jedi master in the making.