Actor known as ‘Peloton husband’ gifts real-life girlfriend the exercise bike for Christmas

From full circle to full cycle.

Model-actor Sean Hunter, better known as “Peloton husband” from that ad, is turning the lemons of notoriety into lemonade by gifting his real-life girlfriend what else, but a Peloton spin bike for Christmas.

“Here’s hoping this goes over better the second time….” Hunter wrote on Instagram Wednesday, captioning a photo of the pair with the bike. “Merry Christmas to my actual girlfriend (pls don’t leave me).”

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Peloton released a now-viral and widely controversial ad for their bikes, “The Gift That Gives Back,” which features Hunter gifting the stationary bike to his on-screen wife, which raised many viewers’ eyebrows given how tall and fit she appears (much like Hunter’s real girlfriend).

“I currently sit here hoping that I’ll be able to continue auditioning for commercials without any taint, and that if my students happen to find the commercial and recognize me, they won’t think about me any different than they already know me,” the Canadian actor, who also teaches elementary school, said in a statement to Psychology Today earlier this month.

“My face is now the face of the patriarchy. … That’s not who I am. You have to differentiate the actor from the role and from the person,” Hunter subsequently told “Good Morning America,” also hinting that he might get his girlfriend the bike for Christmas.

The original commercial inspired the Aviation American Gin ad, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back,” which features the original promo’s star, Monica Ruiz, who’s told: “You’re safe here” and “You look great, by the way.”

Now though, it seems Hunter’s throwing caution to the wind as his current Instagram handle is @pelotonhusband.