'Peloton husband' gifts his real-life girlfriend a Peloton for Christmas

It seems that actor Sean Hunter, better known as 'Peloton husband,' didn't exactly learn his lesson from the backlash over the viral Peloton ad he starred in.

Hunter shared a photo on Instagram of the not-so-surprising gift he gave his real-life girlfriend, Cassidy Baras. If you guessed he gave her a Peloton bike, you are exactly right.

"Here’s hoping this goes over better the second time ..." Hunter joked in his caption. "Merry Christmas to my actual girlfriend (pls don’t leave me.)"

Commenters seemed mostly supportive of his gift, many calling it "great" and a "fantastic gift."

The cringe-worthy holiday ad sent the internet into a frenzy after it was released earlier this month, many calling the commercial sexist.

In the ad, actress Monica Ruiz stars in the fictional 30-second ad as a woman who's been given a Peloton exercise bike by her husband, played by Hunter, and documents her yearlong fitness journey.

Hunter spoke out against the backlash from the ad earlier this month.

"My 5 seconds of air time created an array of malicious feedback that is all associated with my face. My friend texted me today declaring that I'm 'a symbol of the patriarchy,'" Hunter told Psychology Today, adding the commercial "has nothing to do with my ability to teach or who I am."

In a statement to Deadline, Ruiz also defended the ad, telling the outlet that she was happy for the job opportunity earlier this year from Peloton.

"Although I'm an actress, I am not quite comfortable being in spotlight and I'm terrible on social media," she continued. "So to say I was shocked and overwhelmed by the attention this week (especially the negative) is an understatement."