The year's most popular dog names aren't so surprising

Get ready to meet a lot of dogs named Lizzo, Arya and Maisel!

Rover has just released its seventh annual list of the year's most popular dog names, and while there were a lot of unsurprising monikers to make the top 10 list, this year's overall report proved that pop culture may have one of the biggest influence on what we name our pets.

The world's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers assessed data from over 2 million pet owners and found that the name Lizzo is up 100 percent in popularity for fur-babies this year, no surprise given the singer's eight (!) Grammy nominations for 2020. Beyoncé is up 78 percent in popularity, while Maisel, inspired by the award-winning showThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is up by 1000 percent and Arya (Stark, Game of Thrones) by 150 percent. The name Meghan, inspired by the Duchess of Sussex, is also up 42 percent, while Elizabeth and Diana are up 200 percent and 150 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, dog owners seemed to have looked to celebrity baby names for inspiration, with Chip and Joanna's Crew, Kylie Jenner's Stormi and Kim and Kanye's Saint taking the lead for monikers. Another noticeable trend for dog names? Rosé, Cake, Croissant, Kale, Mocha and Latte surpassing all other foodie-related titles.

“The names we give our pets provide a peek into our passions, aspirations, happy places, and guilty pleasures, reinforcing what we at Rover know to be true: our pets are as unique as the names we lovingly bestow upon them,” said Kate Jaffe, trend expert for Rover. “That’s why we’re so honored that hundreds of thousands of pet parents trust us with their furry family members."

Rover found that while these trends may come and go, traditional names reign supreme for Fido. Did yours make the cut?


  1. Bella

  2. Luna

  3. Lucy

  4. Daisy

  5. Lily

  6. Zoe

  7. Lola

  8. Molly

  9. Sadie

  10. Bailey


  1. Max

  2. Charlie

  3. Cooper

  4. Buddy

  5. Rocky

  6. Milo

  7. Jack

  8. Bear

  9. Duke

  10. Teddy