Watch this home transform into a holiday extravaganza with over 250K lights

All is Bright profiles homes across the country with the most ornate and impressive holiday light decorations, from enchanted forests in California to winter wonderlands in Staten Island.

"There could never be enough Christmas. I would 10,000 percent say Christmas is my favorite holiday," Brandon Gress, a New Jersey native told In The Know. Every year, the holiday-enthusiast decorates his home with over 250,000 lights and creates a holiday extravaganza for his community of Union Beach.

"Decorating the house takes a lot of time. It's about a two to two and a half month process. We'll start all of our trees and bushes right before Halloween. It's crazy being out there in September trying to unstring lights and wrap lights in the rain, the wind the snow," Gress explained.

Watch how Brandon Gress turns his New Jersey home into a winter wonderland in the video above!