Mom struggles to rescue toddler trapped inside Skee-Ball machine: 'Now he's in trouble'


A horrifying situation for one mother turned into a hilarious moment for the internet, after her child's arcade high jinks went viral on Twitter.Â

The video, recorded last month at an arcade in Las Vegas, shows the mother both stressed and amused as she attempts to rescue her toddler -- who somehow managed to trap himself inside a Skee-Ball machine.Â

With her child trapped behind the glass, the unnamed woman pulls repeatedly on her son's leg as he continues climbing higher. He even seems to wedge his foot inside one of the game's holes to keep his mother from dragging him back.Â

The rescue attempt was later posted to Twitter by a user with the handle @DabAndGo, where it has gone completely viral.Â

"Have a kid it will be fun they said," @DabAndGo wrote on his post, which has been viewed nearly 14 million times as of Friday afternoon.Â

"Give Mommy your other foot. Give me your other foot,"Â the woman can be heard saying in the clip.

A later video, posted by the same user, shows the toddler standing upright inside the machine as an arcade employee tries to save him. The clip includes a caption that reads, "Now he's in trouble got stuck in the machine."

It was a situation that turned into comedy gold for many Twitter users, with commenters chiming in to share both jokes and experiences of their own.Â

"People are really gonna pretend toddlers don’t turn into Usain Bolt when they’re running toward things they like..." one user wrote

"Wave a cookie at him and he’ll come down on his own," another added

Some commenters were critical of the mom for letting her child get trapped, accusing her of being distracted or failing to watch her child. Still others stepped in to defend the woman, saying they found the ridiculous situation relatable.Â

"She's not a bad parent babies move quick. Especially when they put something in their mouth or got something they have no business having," one user wrote in response to the negative comments.Â

The toddler, for his part, seemingly made it out OK, as @DabAndGo posted an update telling followers that the arcade workers ultimately opened the glass window with a key. For many Twitter users, the only question left was how much the kid managed to score.Â

"What are you doing?!? Pass the kid the balls and get mad tickets!!! They're only small enough to get into arcades for a short while. You won't have this golden ticket getting window for long!! Top shelf prizes is a rare, if not entirely elusive, event," one user wrote