911 call from heroic 4-year-old released: 'Mommy fell down'

Officials have released the 911 call from a heroic 4-year-old after her mother collapsed and became unresponsive.

Isla Glaser was at home in New Jersey with her two-year-old sister and one-year-old twin brothers when their mother suddenly became ill and fell to the floor. Isla couldn't wake her, but promptly and calmy dialed 911.

"My mommy fell down. She can't talk," Isla told the dispatcher.

"Is she sleeping?" the dispatcher asked.

"No," Isla responded. She then explained to the dispatcher that she was at home with her siblings when her mother, who had been ill with a fever, fell. When asked if she tried waking her mother, Isla said she couldn't.

Isla also explained that her father was at work, and the dispatcher sent offers over to the Glaser home. Isla had to be coached through unlocking the door by the first responders, who advised her to use a chair to reach the lock. In the recording, you can also hear the brave four-year-old trying to hush her barking dogs.

As the Franklin Township Police tended to her unconscious mother, Isla fed her siblings breakfast, reassuring them that "Mommy was going to be okay." While officials didn't divulge on the medical issue that caused mom Haley's collapse, she was released back to her family after four days in the hospital.

Isla has since been honored for her heroism and "life-saving" efforts at the town's police station, where she received some goodies and was named an honorary junior police officer.

“I’m really grateful that she wasn’t nervous because she made the call,” Haley Glaser told reporters on Wednesday. “That truly saved my life.”