The Scoop exercise machine brings leg day to the office

Sitting at a desk all day is a fact of life for many modern workers. If you are sick of staying still as a statue while putting in hours at the office, this compact fitness machine was tailor-made for you. Scoop is a lower body lateral trainer similar to an under-the-desk elliptical. The device, which was crowdfunded on Indiegogo, promises a total lower body workout.

To use, a person simply straps in their feet and pedals in a lateral rotating motion, which is said to target your inner thighs, outer thighs, and glutes. When peddling in one direction, a user focuses on their inner thighs. When then changing to pedal in the opposite direction, the user focuses on the outer thighs.

The cardio machine is impressively silent, meaning your desk buddies won’t hate you for using it.

The Scoop is a bi-directional machine, created to make the most of lateral movement, which is an oft-overlooked necessity in exercise. Professionals say lateral movement can help prevent injury and strain associated with exercise, while adding to your overall strength.

“[Lateral movement] is typically not asked of us often," trainer Joe Holder told Shape . "We move front to back and rarely side to side because we like to lead with our eyes first."

Coming in at only 17 pounds, the machine isn’t only for the office. The Scoop is an ideal exercise machine for those with difficulty standing or those with severe back pain that inhibits exercise.

The machine’s campaign is still live on Indiegogo, with the device available to purchase through the platform for $219. So far, the company has accumulated more than $215,000 in sales through IndieGoGo. The creators of Scoop started shipping the first machines in December, meaning a Scoop could find its way under your desk ASAP.