Lush is discontinuing 43 products -- here are replacements we recommend

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This is not a drill. We repeat, not a drill. In a post on Instagram, Lush announced that they will be discontinuing 43 products beginning next year. For many dedicated Lush fans (ourselves included), it might be shocking to see a few favorites on this list.

If you're a frequent bath bomb user, The Big Sleep, Tea And Sympathy, and the Yellow Submarine are just a few of the products that won't be available any longer. A couple of jelly face masks are also on there, including the super soothing 1,000 Millihelens. Sigh.

For many, it's sad to see these items go, but we definitely can't wait to see what Lush has in store for the future. Although we had less than a two-week notice, there's still some time to stock up on your favorites!

Since these products are last-chance items, a lot of them are selling out fast, so make sure to grab them before they completely run out. If you aren't able to snag them in time, don't worry, we've found some amazing replacements that are both vegan and cruelty-free.

Alternative to 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask

SHOP: O Naturals Gel Face Mask, $14.99

Lush is a key player when it comes to making jelly face masks. While the 1000 Millihelens mask won't be available anymore, this O Naturals Gel Face Mask is a great replacement. It's packed with antioxidants and ingredients like Vitamin C to help rejuvenate your skin. It even has apple extract and Vitamin B, similar to the fresh apple juice and green tea used in Lush's product.

Alternative to The Big Sleep Jelly Bath Bomb

SHOP: BODY & EARTH Jelly Bath Bomb Set, $12.99

This BODY & EARTH Jelly Bath Bomb Set can be an awesome alternative for The Big Sleep lovers. Relaxing and soothing for a good night's rest, it's made with organic ingredients, coconut oil and shea butter. It also has that jelly-like texture when put in water and comes in a total of six bath bombs.

Alternative to Happy Thoughts Bath Oil

SHOP: Kneipp Mandarin & Orange Bath Oil, $20

Similar to the formula in Lush's Happy Thoughts, this Kneipp bath oil uses essential oils like mandarin and orange to keep you feeling energized and stress-free. It's also free of any parabens or paraffins, keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Alternative to Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

SHOP: Two Sisters Caribbean Crush Bubble Bath Bomb, $7.99

If there's one highlight to name about Lush's Yellow Submarine, it would be its amazing tropical smell. Although it won't be available anymore, this Caribbean bath bomb from Two Sisters is filled with essential oils and soothing ingredients to make you feel like you're right at the beach. One Amazon reviewer even says that it smells like oranges and pineapples. Plus, it's got that amazing bright yellow color like the Lush bomb.

Alternative to Godiva Shampoo Bar

SHOP: Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar, $16

If you're a dedicated loyalist to the Godiva shampoo bar (we don't blame you), this Ethique shampoo bar is similarly made with coconut oil and cocoa butter to give your locks that shiny and smooth feeling. It's also super eco-friendly by being zero-waste and packaged in compostable ingredients. This bar is even available in other formulas specifically made for different hair types.

Alternative to Jersey Bounce Shampoo

SHOP: Bella And Bear Hawaiian Sea Salt Volumizing Shampoo, $9.99

Ah, the Jersey Bounce shampoo. While we'll miss this incredible volumizing product, this shampoo from Bella And Bear is filled with similar ingredients to give your hair that extra boost. Able to detoxify and exfoliate, it's rich with sea salt and is also paraben-free. It even has packaging that looks like Lush's version.

Alternative to Stayin' Alive Perfume

SHOP: Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume, $12.59

For some, Lush's Stayin' Alive product may have become their signature smell. Thankfully, this Pacifica perfume is vanilla scented just like Lush's and is made with plenty of essential oils for that sweet, luscious aroma. Indulgent and luxurious, its formula is also free from any parabens or sulfates.