Airport workers have the last laugh with passengers' confiscated security items

One airport in Lithuania is getting into the holiday spirit in a very unique way.

Vilnius Airport, which is located just outside Lithuania's capital, decided to put the items confiscated from its passengers to good use this week ... all in the form of a Christmas tree.

"With the winter travel season well under way, the Aviation security officers at Vilnius Airport opted for an unusual take on the Christmas classic, aiming to send an educational message on the importance of aviation security," Lithuanian Airports wrote on LinkedIn. "Using items that are prohibited to carry in hand luggage and which were taken away from passengers during screening, the lads at the Aviation security unit of Lithuania's main airport created a truly unique educational masterpiece."

Source: Lithuania Airports on LinkedIn

Source: Lithuania Airports on LinkedIn

The 5-foot-tall creation took just over two weeks to build and is adorned with everything from scissors to lighters, pocket knives, toy guns and even bullet cases. The top of the tree is crowned with a star seemingly made out of cheese knives.

The post added:

"With knives, scissors, lighters, blades and all other sorts of dangerous goods on it - this Christmas tree has it all. So if you don't want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on our next year's Christmas tree - better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight. Safe travels!"